Values Education and Research Association (VERA)

Welcome to the VERA site


Who are we?

We are a voluntary group set up to

  •     Encourage discussion of Social Role Valorization (SRV) and ideas in sympathy with SRV 
  •     Evaluate the impact of these ideas on services and the lives of vulnerable people;
  •     Run and/or support  training courses that relate to SRV or other related philosophies or policies; 
  •     Support research and understanding of effective ways of communicating SRV issues;
  •     Encourage the sharing and development of talents, and provision of training for members; 
  •     Help people who are or might become interested in SRV related issues to keep in touch.


We run a number of different training courses including Social Role Valorization (SRV), PASSING, TSI and Developing Valued  Social Roles. For more information on these courses please contact us.

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